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Supernova SN 2013ej en la galaxia M74

Astronomers from the Lick Observatory Supernovae Search team (LOSS) discovered on 25 July a supernova situated in the M74 galaxy. This is a spiral galaxy situated around 30 mill light-years from us in constallation of Piscis. The instrument used for the discovery was a robotic telescope at Mount Hamilton Observatory (California).

Supernova 2013 in M74 - astrolapalma.com
Photo: Jaime Izquierdo de Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Robotic telescopio situated at Astrocamp.es).

Technical data:
  • Name of the supernova: SN 2013ej/
  • Aparent Magnitud - visual (at the time of discovery): +13,5
  • Coordinates: right ascension- 1h 36m; declination 15º 45'.
  • Distance to centre of M74: 2,7 arc-mins
  • Spectral typel: supernova type II.
Type II supernovas ocurr when a young massive star dies by rapidly collapsing and with a violent explosion. The outer layers are thrown away from the nucleuos of the star which in the process becomes a neutron star (very reduced size-merely a dozen of kilometers but extremelly dense).
Piscis constellation map
Source: wikipedia.