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AstroMaster La Palma Workshop 2015

Dates: 03 Oct - 08 Oct

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REGISTRATION OPEN 14 May 2015 for the 4th edition of the AstroMaster. Organised by AstroLaPalma.com with TWAN (twanight.org).

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About the Workshop

International Workshop about Advanced Timelapse imaging & processing & Landscape astrophotography. Aimed at photographers & astronomers with some experience on digital photo processing and essentials of digital photography.

AstroMaster attendees will receive instruction and knowledge about TWAN landscape astrophotography, get the latest best practice processing techniques both on timelapse and landscape night photography as well as instructions on how to plan and execute successful imaging sessions. They will learn the fundamental differences between classic day landscape and night landscape astrophotography: Low ISO vs High ISO, high aperture vs low aperture, short shutter speeds vs long shutter speeds. No previous knowledge of night photography is required.

Participants: Minimum number 7 (with 1 instructor). Ratio instructors:participants is 1:8. Language of workshop English.

See a review of AstroMaster 2013 here.

About the Lecturers

Babak Tafreshi - MAGIC telescope in La Palma - startrails TWAN Babak Tafreshi - Panorama Image from one of the highest picks in La Palma - TWAN
Lecturers Babak Tafreshi & Christoph Malin belong to The World at Night (TWAN), a group of outstanding international astrophotographers that aim to promote stunning nightscape photos and time-lapse videos of the world‚landmarks against celestial attractions. Both lecturers are ESO ambassadors and have published on National Geographic, TV channels, countless international magazines & APOD. They have been visiting La Palma for many years. To know more about them and see their work, click below. AstroMaster Workshop announcement on the TWAN website here.

Workshop Topics

Scheduled in 6 full intensive days (and nights), the AstroMaster workshop will train participants into many topics including:

  • Preparation: Storage Technologies, preferable Image Format
  • Processing techniques in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Capture NX
  • The LRT Workflow for Timelapse content
  • Deflickering
  • Exporting
  • Creating the sequence movie out of sequences with AE, Motion, PS, Quicktime (various ways)
  • Export formats of sequences
  • Showcase: Vimeo export, description, hints and tricks
  • Hands on processing supervised by instructors
  • Main celestial events to photograph and how. Best practises for TWAN Night Photography.
Detailed schedule will be emailed to those interested.

Participants requirements

For best performance at the AstroMaster workshop, participants need to bring to La Palma the following: Required Camera Gear
  • Digital SLR camera - if participant has two bodies, he shall bring both, with their instruction manual!
  • Camera should be capable of ISO of ISO 800 or higher and shutter speeds up to 1 to 2 minutes
  • Lenses - Participants should try to cover a range from very wide (14-24mm) and normal focal lengths 24mm, 35mm to 50mm. Lenses with large aperture of 2.8 or 1.4 are preferred.
  • Tripod - A solid tripod is a MUST for night photography
  • Extra batteries - Long exposures can drain batteries very quickly
  • Extra memory cards
  • Shutter release cable with intervalometer
  • Camera Backpack
  • Own laptop with Photoshop software

LR Timelapse licenses will be provided for the duration of the workshop free of charge.

Other Recommendations

  • Warm, Wind- and Rainproof Clothing - Temperatures drop dramatically at night and high altitude
  • Hiking Shoes
  • A red headlight (no white lights please)
  • Small notebook and pen for notes
  • Robust Outdoor Sleeping Bag and (insulated) Mat. This is to rest while photoshooting on long sessions.
  • Beeing able to stay on high altitude (2450 m) for a while

Workshop Price

Although the schedule of the 6-day workshop is quite intensive (it includes some time off in the middle), there is enough time to enjoy the beaches and the wonderful nature of La Palma. We have designed a full package while on La Palma so participants can focus on lectures & practical sessions while the workshop offers theoretical and practical sessions, transportation, etc. However, if you wish to do so, you may book accommodation and meals separately.

PRICE for the package is: 950 Euros*.

  • Course Fees
  • 4 Photo shooting excursions (practical sessions are weather permitting)
  • Over 30 hours of theoretical sessions
  • Visit to the Observatory at El Roque de Los Muchachos.
  • Hot beverages and snacks at photo sessions
  • Transport for practical sessions
  • Insurance, tax & assistance**

*Course fees do not include meals during workshop or accommodation. We are currently negotiating group prices for meals/accommodation and also permissions for accommodation near the Observatory facilities (if granted participants may have to share rooms for 1-2 nights). Travel to the photoshooting sites can be tiring and we are trying to reduce driving time. Please do not book accommodation until this is sorted to avoid changes. For meals, due to the intensity of the workshop it is easiest (and faster) if you allow us to book meals as a group. The all of the workshop meal package (lunches+dinners including end-of-workshop dinner) would range from 150-200 EUR and accommodation would range between 300-700 EUR depending on your choice of hotel (individual basis). Both the meal package and accommodation package will be optional and payable separately but if above permissions are granted, they will be compulsory for 2 days (also to be payed separately from course). Detailed information about this will be provided in due course. Also you will be asked to provide dietary requirements then.

**European Participants are strongly advised to travel to La Palma with a valid European medical card. The Insurance will cover participants while in La Palma only (accident related to workshop). Participants are strongly adviced to get a suitable travel insurance from and to your place of origin and during workshop. Please notify any food allergies and altitude sickness.
**Up to two professional photography or filming students can register at 10% discount on course fees. Prove of ID required.
** Additional accommodation dates or family holidays are available on request.


OPEN for REGISTRATION: 14th May 2015

Steps for registration.

Step 1. Please read the information and conditions carefully. For any questions please fill the following questions form or email us here: info@astrolapalma.com.
Step 2. For full registration please fill the following form (note that you will be asked for payment on this step): Registration for AstroMaster La Palma 2015.
Step 3. Wait for email confirmation after payment. After this step you may book your flights. We always recommend you to acquire flexible (refundable) tickets in case of changes. On previous editions, there have been participants who had decided to stay onwards on the island (as they´d liked it so much), while others have to leave early or had to cancel altogether.
Step 4. Stay tuned for information emails and start getting your gear ready. If you need to purchase batteries, memory cards and so on, do not leave this until the end and please do not expect to get them in La Palma. You will be asked about your previous experience in photography/astronomy before the workshop.
Step 5. Invoices wil be sent on request for those claiming expenses.

Cancellations. We understand that your plans may change after registration. You may cancel with a 95 EUR cancelling fee if cancellation takes place before the 1st August. Cancellation requests made between dates up to 1st Sept will be charged with a 300 EUR fee. No refunds will be available for cancellations from 1st Sept. Please take this into account when you sign up for the workshop. In the event of cancellation on our part, all due to unexpected major events, such as but not limited to weather and natural calamities, you will be fully refunded except for 95 EUR (10%) for management costs. In case of severe illness/accident of one of the instructors, we will notify you and we will substitute him by another photographer at TWAN. If this is short notice and it is not possible to rearrange and we are forced to cancel you will be fully refunded. Minimum number of participants is 7 (one instructor if only minimum number is reached).

*NOTE: La Palma (SPC airport) is very well connected with mainland Europe by direct flights (from Spain, Germany, Netherlands) or with local flights (via Tenerife - TFS or TFN with BinterCanarias) and boat trip from the neighboring island of Tenerife (Naviera Armas or Fred Olsen companies). For tips on connections to La Palma at reasonable prices, please email us at info@astrolapalma.com.


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