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QHY6l Cooled CCD Camera


Sony CCD sensor ICX259AL Exview CCD Mono
Effective Pixel: 752 x 582 (440 Kpixels)
Pixel Size 6.5um x 6.25um
Exposure Range 1/1000 sec to 10000 sec
AD 16 bit/pixel (0-65535ADU)
TEC One stage, -30C below ambient
USB 2.0 High speed
Download Speed 600kpixel/s for normal speed
6 Mpixel/s for Preview and focus speed
Live video mode (10fps)
Supports Binning 2 x 2
Gain Control 0-13dB
Guide Port Built in, Standard 6 PIN guide port
Readout Noise 6 -7e
Anti-Amp blooming Yes
Anti-Blooming Gate Yes
System Gain From 0.5e-/ADU to 0.1e-/ADU
Mechanical interface M42 / 0.75 Thread
Filter interface M28 0.5 / 0.5 Thread
Size 60 x 60 x 33 (without fan), 60 x 60 x 45 (With fan)
Software support : Astrowin, Easy Capture, MaximDL
Open SDK for other software support
Anti Fog Cold Finger + Room for a silicon gel satchel

Price: 20€