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Dobsonian Newton 300mm (12") F4.9 GoTo


With the 305mm Skywatcher Dobson created a classic reinvented. Thanks to a new patented sliding rod, the device is very easy to transport. In addition, can be shifted flexibly via the shift linkage, the focal point.

The problem always was the lack tracking possibility. As soon as the objects were set, they had migrated from the field of the eyepiece. Dobsons were therefore preferred for the Deep sky at low magnification. With the auto-tracking and the GoTo Skywatcher Dobson's now created a version that comes standard with one motor tracking. The annoying tracking by hand is eliminated. Even at high magnifications on the planets device is fully operational.

The optics and mount:

This black diamond trellis Dobson is equipped with a 12 inch parabolic reflector. A 12-inch lens provides an optimum compromise between light-gathering power and portability. Compared to a 10-inch model offers the 12-inch 44% more light. This can be seen when looking through the eyepiece immediately. With such a device are beyond the usual standard objects of interesting things to discover. With good dark skies, almost all objects of the NGC catalog are visible. With a focal ratio of f / 4.9, and a finely adjustable 2 inch focuser optics for photography of bright objects is suitable. When the planets are in good conditions already seen many schemes. Shows not only the Saturn division ring, half a dozen of its moons.

The telescope is equipped with a shifting Crayford focuser, this allows fine adjustment of the exact definition. To extract part of a T2 camera connection. For the adaptation of digital SLRs requires one more camera-specific T2 adapter that can also be found in our range.

For the dedicated observers grid Dobson ear because of your good transportability particularly popular. Skywatcher is packed with new flex tubes a particularly easily manageable structural system. It has only 3 rods and can be pushed together quickly. Arrived at the observation site, you need only to pull the tube apart and within seconds have a fully operational unit and adjusted. Even in the fully extended position, the telescope has a high rigidity. Despite its simple design, the manufacturer promises a particularly high adjustability.


Optics with collapsible tube
Rocker with reinforcing struts pillars.
Eyepieces 25mm and 10mm (1.25 ")
2 inch by 1.25 inch adapter Crayfordauszug and T2-circuit camera
9x50 viewfinder with quick release for easy retrieval of objects
Mirror with a marker for an easier adjustment
German manual

The integrated tracking system allows the photograph brighter objects. Unlike many standard Newton's there when Skywatcher Dobson trellis no problems with the focal position. The position of the focus can be adjusted flexibly. The high speed opens up interesting possibilities for lunar eclipses and planetary photography. The powerful servo motors on both axes can be controlled via the hand box and move the telescope with adjustable speed.

The GoTo version of the Skywatcher Dobsonian is equiped with a SynScan control. On the practical hand box, select any object from the database of 42 900 celestial objects and the telescope moves in this fully automatically.

additional supply of Dobson GoTo version:

Powerful 12V servo motors on both axes
Adjustment speeds 1x, 4x, 8x, 32x, 64x and 800x
SynScan hand box for easy operation and fast access to thousands of objects

Price: 60€