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Review Astromaster La Palma 2013

Looking back to an outstanding event: AstroMaster 2013

From: Ana Garcia Suarez

The first Astromaster in 2013 was a unique experience for everyone who attended. During the time of the workshop La Palma's legendary night sky was brilliant, with a great transparency. The group with attendees from all over the world (Austria, Japan, Germany, USA, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain & Portugal) was enthusiastic and fun and for the relaxed but professional atmosphere that surrounded the event, I have no other words than "fantastic" (some participants said later it was "epic"). With all the organisatorial matters I was really nervous in the previous months of the event, but after the first night out imaging near El Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory, watching 18 photographers eagerly setting up their equipment... with the sun setting, a burning sky & Venus shining over the Atlantic ocean later on... I just knew this whole Event was going to be one of the best experiences on my life.

Here are some of the outcomes of the AstroMaster 2013 workshop. These are some photos and videos toguether with links to some of the participant´s websites. Photos made by the instrustors of the workshop, Babak Tafreshi´s & Christoph Malin, are published on their own websites and also on the TWAN website. In turn, a link to the AstroMaster 2014 edition come be found here.

Daniel Lowe´s "Night Vision". Read his review of the workshop on his website here.

Night Visions: Astro La Palma (6 min short film) from Star Mountain Media on Vimeo.

With the photo "The Night Falls",Teruyasu Kitayama won the 3rd place at the "International Astrophotography Contest" in La Palma 2013. The Night falls by Teruyasu Kitayama - AstroMaster 2013.

Miguel Claro´s published images on several pages and blogs including space.com & National Geographic Daily News. We show three of his photos below, but there are many more under the title "Eyes of Europe" on this link to Miguel´s website.

MAGIC telescope in La Palma and Milky Way by Miguel Claro - AstroMaster La Palma 2013 Observatorio Roque Muchachos by Miguel Claro - AstroMaster La Palma 2013 Deep sky wide field view of Milky Way galaxy from La Palma by Miguel Claro - AstroMaster La Palma 2013
(1) MAGIC telescope and Milky Way, (2) View of the Observatory at sunset & (3) Deep sky wide field view of our own galaxy, the Milky Way arm as seen from La Palma.

Pierluigi Giacobazzi, Italian astrophotographer and the founder of "J.W. Draper Association". An Italian cultural association, dedicated to John William Draper, the pioneer of astrophotography. Some further pictures will be published on his web-site www.misterp.it Some of his photos below.
La Palma, Observatorio Roque de los Muchachos, Photo: Pierluigi GiacobazziRoque de los Muchachos shadow, Photo: Pierluigi
Georg Froschauer, a student at the University of applied Sciences Hagenberg, Austria.
Currently enrolled in the Master course Digital Arts and working self-employed in the film industry. Some of his photos below.
Milky Way and sky over La PalmaMilky Way and sky over La Palmasunset in La PalmaView of Gran Telescopio de Canarias and Telescopio Nazionale Galileo from El Roque de Los Muchachos
Michael Schlünder, an amateur astronomer currently working for VIXEN Co, Germany. His personal website is: astrofotografie.de.to Some of his photos below.
Milky Way and sky over La Palma at El Roque de Los MuchachosMirror at Gran Telescopio Canarias, La PalmaMilky Way and sky over La PalmaSunset and photo shooting session AstroMaster La Palma 2013
Michael Wachta, an amateur photographer. Some of his photos from his 500px websitehere.

Poster for the AstroMaster 2013 below. Link to the AstroMaster 2014 website
AstroMaster La Palma 2013 poster by AstroLaPalma.com and TWAN” title=”AstroMaster La Palma 2013 poster by AstroLaPalma.com and TWAN